How to greet people in India

Greetings in India – Learn how to greet in Hindi

Greetings in India
How to greet people in India - Different countries, different ways of greeting...

1. You are definitely going to impress your Indian partner or client if you can greet them in their native language. Say Namaste while pressing both your palms together, fingers touching one another and pointing upward, and doing a simple bow.

2. On your first meeting, address the person with the right title, say, “Mr.”, “Mrs.,” or “Doctor” unless they tell you to drop them and use their first name. First names are usually uttered by close friends, family, as well as for those who are much older or with higher authority. On the other hand, don’t be surprised if the young Indians won’t drop the “Sir” and “Madam.” They also want to show respect to you.

3. It’s okay to shake the hands of the Indian male client. Out of respect for women, do the Namaste unless they are the first ones to offer their hands for a handshake.

4. Be mindful of the verbal signs that they do. It’s normal for Indians to shake their heads from side to side, which could mean a yes or a no. Either way, when they do that, it means they understand what you’re talking about.

5. The most common way of spelling out their personal names is to begin with the given name then the family name. However, in some areas, some men don’t have any family name. Make sure you can verify to them the right way of saying their complete name.  Women usually make use of their husband’s family name once they get married.

For more information watch this video about greeting people in India:

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