Import Export Code: How to get it

When you want to import or export goods in India you will requiere an import export code, or IEC. 

Import Export Code > Steps to get the IEC

  • Covering letter on your company’s letter head for issue of new Import Export Code.
  • Two copies of the applicationApplication form Import Export Code India
    • These information are required  in the import export code application form:
      • Contact Details of IEC applicant
      Import Export Code India
      Import Export Code India
      • Details of the import export code applicant firm
      • Company structure / nature of concern (PLC, PVT LTD, Partnership, etc.)
      • Type of exporter
      • Bank account details
      • Pan details
      • IEC Applicants fee details 
  • Certificate from the banker of the company >Import Export Code Bank’s Certificate
  • Declaration/Undertaking > Import Export Code Declaration In case of a non-Indian company (foreign direct investment in India)> a copy of Form-FC-GPR along with Unique Identification Number issued by the Reserve Bank of India in respect of shares allotted to parent company 
  • Self certified copy of Permanent Account Number (PAN) issuing letter or PAN Card issued by Income Tax Authority in the name of the company. This can be certified by any of the directors of the company under its company’s stamp.
  • Two copies of passport size photographs of the applicant of the import export code duly attested by the banker of the applicant. A photograph of Managing Director or any other authorised person will need to be given.
  • Certified copy of board resolution granting approval for submitting application for IEC > Import Export Code Board Resolution.
  • A copy of Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association; duly certified by a director under company’s stamp. 
    • If there is any change in directors from the date of incorporation then a copy of form 32 filed with the registrar of companies will need to be submitted. This also needs to be certified by a director of the company under company’s stamp.
  • Self addressed envelope with INR 25/- postal stamp for delivery of IEC certificate by registered post or bank draft of INR 100/- for speed post.

How much time it takes to get the IEC in India?

Once the above documents are complete and submitted to the DGFT, you should get your Import Export Code in India quite fast. It is normally delivered to your address within one to two weeks.  


  1. says

    Thanks for giving me an information about this topic. However, now i m little bit confused. Can u please suggest me that, this IEC number is mandatory for only those companies or individuals, who are trading goods to outside india. Is this not valid or mandatory in the case of services, which are given from india to outside india.

    • says

      IEC is required only for companies importing / exporting goods in / out of India. For exporting services outside of India, e.g. providing web design services an IEC is not required.

      • Tapan Mishra says

        We would like to be member of FISME, FIEO, EEPC. They are asking for IEC code. We are a design engineering and consulting firm in India. We cater services to Indian Clients and Foriegn Clients in Industrial Designing and Consulting.

        For this servuces, do we need to apply for IEC or Can we apply for IEC ?


        • asha says

          Dear Mr.Tapan Mishra,

          As per your requirement, we are there to help you for applying IEC Code.

          97393 49463

      • says

        Hi Andreas,

        I am an individual proprietor of a software development company where i operate independently. To avail service tax exemption for export of services (since all my clients are located outside of India), would it be necessarty to get the IEC code?



        • says

          Hi Arindam, you don’t need an import export code for services like software development.
          In terms of service tax exemption, it is however important to keep all the FIRC (Foreign Inward Remittance Certificates) which your bank will send you each time you receive money from abroad into your account (if your bank does not send the FIRC automatically, you need to request your bank to send you the same). The FIRCs will prove to the service tax authorities, that all your income was generated from exports of services and hence the Indian service tax is not applicable.

          • Madhusudana Rao says

            Dear Andreas De Rosi,
            Your replies for service providers are very much helpful.
            I’ve a doubt. While applying for IEC, one need to specify exporter type … choose one from below
            i. Merchant Exporter
            ii. Manufacturer Exporter
            iii. Service Provider
            iv. Others (please specify)
            v. Merchant cum Manufacturer

            There is a ‘Service Provider’ type. Is it not applicable for software service exporters?

            Thanks in advance.

        • asha says

          Dear Andreas De Rosi,

          As per your requirement, we are there to help you for applying IEC Code.

          97393 49463

      • saif says

        hello, sir i am going to start a mobile shop so i want to import mobile phone,what should i do to import mobile phones and how much duty will i have pay for that?and is is compulsory to registered my shop if yes so where to registered?

    • ashutosh says

      if their is proprietor firm and the proprietor of the firm is H.U.F then which category have to select wheather karta or proprietor

        • Kishor Mehta says

          Following Documents required for Private Limited Company IEC License Application.
          1) 2 signed copy of Form ANF2A (Available on DGFT website).
          2) Details of Directors on company letter head.
          3) Authorised person board resolution copy
          4) Banker’s Certificate (prescribed format available on DGFT website)
          5) Two Passport size photograph of Authorised person (Same as per affix on Banker’s Certificate(.
          6) Covering Letter for application (should be signed by Authorised person).
          7) Demand Draft of Rs. 250/- from Bank in favour of Addition Director General of Foreign Trade.
          8) 2 Self Addressed Envelop 2 X 5″ with stamp of Rs. 30/- each.
          9) MOA & Certificate of Incorporation.
          Note : All documents required attested signature of authorised person.


  2. Priyanka Banerjee says

    I need to know that when the Director is signing in every page of the IEC form is it needed to apply Director’s stamp over the signature?

  3. jay says

    i got iec number in 2006 but still no business so is that still valid or expired or i have to renew because now i am in contact with import something to india for resale. pl comment

    • Kishor says

      For IEC Registration, DGFT not requesting any VAT Registration details for IEC Code. For your information, just think, VAT Registration is compulsory, if your last year annual turn is more than Rupees 5 lac and IEC Code require for any imports and exports business, even your turn over is less then 5 lacs. So they can not force for VAT or ask for any details for vat.

  4. Shiv Gurav says

    Dear Sir,
    I would thank you to please clarify on the folloiwng:
    If a a private limited company registered in India in which its forign parent company holds equity shares of total paid up value of Rs. 5,00,00 /- , will it still be required to submit with an application for IEC code, a copy of Form-FC-GPR along with Unique Identification Number issued by the Reserve Bank of India in respect of shares allotted to parent company ?
    Please clarify this a copy of Form-FC-GPR along with Unique Identification Number issued by the Reserve Bank of India in respect of shares allotted to parent company is a MUST irespective of amount of share capital held by foreign ( non resident) parent company.

    • Kishor says

      Yes off course, you read the DGFT Form, they required RBI docs, if any foreign Investment in the company or NRI Partner/Durector/proprietor.

  5. Ajay Mishra says

    If we have no registration of our firm (like Sales tax or vat registration) then is it poosible to get IEC Code

    • Kishor says

      Please note, Their is no concern between VAT and IEC. VAT or sales tax registration is not necessary for IEC Code. Just think that, for VAT registration is compulsoy, if your turnover is more then 5 lac and IEC is necessary even you want to import or exports of rs. 1/-, so IEC (DGFT Dept) not asking for any VAT Details for new IEC Registration.

  6. Hemang says

    Thank you for all the valuable info on this website.

    I have been employed partly during the year and also now self employed IT consultant trading under my own name with current account and file a self-assessment. I have been approached by some buyers and some sellers to establish trade between them as a third party on commission basis. I wish to buy from local party and sell to foreign party under my name. This means I need to get a IEC. right ?
    If right, please advise if I can IEC under my own name without having to set up a company, as I work and will be working alone and not employing anyone.

    Also, do you guys provide such assistance or services? voluntary or paid ?

  7. Manish Choudhary says

    I read somewhere that if we import goods that is worth less than Rs.25,000/- we do not need to register or apply for the code. Is it true?

    I am a small time trader trying to source things from China and most of my consignment is less that 20,000/- and want to know if I have to register..

    • says

      It is true that for small shipments you can use DHL, Fedex etc. and declare the goods as samples / own consumption only. In this case no IEC is required. IEC is required if the importer uses a custom clearance agent, files a bill of entry and pays the duty to the customs to clear the goods. For small consignments this process is carried out by the courrier companies.

      • Atul Jain says

        Hello sir, I ordered a small shipment worth USD 56 from china through courier route. When I got it, there was a letter from the custom department asking me for several documents like my IEC code, bank advice of transaction, exporters details, etc. with a warning that failure to submit will lead to seizure of goods. There was no option of duty payment.

        I only have the bank advice with me.

        The goods were pen drives for my personal use to gift to my friends on my birthday.

        What should I do now ? And why did I get the letter ?

  8. shiza says

    Hello, I would like to be informed on the procedure for getting IEC code for a foreign registered company. will we need to have a registered office in India as well? if yes, is it then better to get my company registered in India instead?
    Thank you very much.

  9. ashok says

    I have applied for the IEC in Feb 2013, as per the DGFT update the IEC certificate was dispatched on 26 Feb. It is about a month but I still not received it.

    How can I get the duplicate one, after how many days of issuing the orignal I can apply for the duplicate. This is for a Private Limited company.

    • Anish says

      Kindly visit the zonal office directly. Don’t waste your time by waiting for it to come if it is not delivered within a week or two after the application date.

  10. vijay kumar says

    my name is vijay , iwant start import export business to usa can i use my mother iec code . because she have pan card and all the requirments they need so pls tell as soon as possible

  11. kartik Shah says

    I am a small gujarati publisher. My foreign reader wants to purchase the books. How can they send the payment.?Amount of books are 100 to 1000. For supplying books through postal department I required the registration under IEC,

  12. Subodh Mishra says

    Dear Sir,
    I have applied for IEC no. their are some defeciency issued by authority.
    M proprietor of my Firm but there is no any option for proprietor in ANF2A form so where do i marked. could you know me about proprietorship and proprietor???

    • AVR International cargo says

      Dear Mr. Subodh Mishra,

      There is a column No.2 in ANF 2A for Details of Proprietor.For clarification u can call on 09810041149

  13. Sunitha Gujaran says

    Dear Sir,

    We are proprietorm firm, we need start service providers business.
    nature of busines is to render service to clients for exporting their goods . port of loading would be a foreign land and destination also would be also for foregin land . we would be rendering service , book the containers, receive the freight in usd from buyer ( from out side ) and would pay the freight to shipping line ( outside india )

    thanks to advise .. do i need to take an iec code for this . or service tax no
    best regards

    • kishor says

      In this case, you are not importing or exporting in your personal name or company name, so no need to obtain IEC Code. IEC only applicable, if you are item importing to india or exporting from india.

      For service tax, you are not require to DTA compliance with your customer, because you are paying freight on behalf of your customer, so in this case, your require to charge service tax to your customer. Further, you require to check, whether Service tax in negative list for service receiver from freight forwarder, then you have to apply for Service tax no. as service receiver. Check on service tax issue, i think, if you are paying in india, then you have to apply for service tax no. as a service receiver.

  14. vishal says

    if i apply for IEC code as a propritor then which PAN details i have to give my own individual or propritorship pan details…….

    • ashok chavan says

      sir, i want to import wallpapers,and have following Q’s
      1] apart from IEC is there any other authority codes compulsory ?
      2] in proprietorship my individual PAN is accepted ?
      3] as for income tax we file annual returns, here do we have any statutory commitment of filing any documents to DGFT annually ?
      4] what are the fees to avail this code & are they one time ?

      • AVR International cargo says

        Dear Mr. Ashok Chavan,

        Q,s wise detail answer
        1. No
        3. Yes , as per DGFT you are required to file trade return although you have Nil business as Export/Import.
        4.IEC procurement official fees is ₹50.00 and it is one time.

        Hipe your q,s are replied upto your satisfaction.

  15. Ashim Kumar Das says

    Dear Sir,

    I have decided to start export business. My question is can I get an IEC no. in my personal name without forming any firm ? If it is possible then can I run so many firms in my single IEC no ?

    • says

      Dear sir,
      I have an online shop and i change my currency through pay pal. and send my goods through courier provider. would you say whether IEC is applicable for me or not ? and will i have to resister myself as a company or have to continue as a individual .

      • says

        If you send small shipments through courrier you do not require a IEC. Once you start exporting bigger shipments using fright forwarders, you will require an Import Export Code.
        Paypal may however ask you to submit your IEC code online.

        • MB Singh says

          Mr. Andreas

          In my opinion your answer to Ankur Mohanty is grossly wrong.
          where is it written that sending small shipment sent by courrier dont require
          IEC Code?

          every one who is exporting or importing (except for self use) need an IEC code.
          If Mr Ankur or others heed your advise, they may end up one day fighting cases with foreign trade violations.

          every one should get IEC code thats why Government has kept these rules simple.

          • says

            In the International Trade import and export of high value, low weight goods through Courier by air has come into vogue for quite sometime. For regulating the said import and export, the Government of India had framed Courier Imports (Clearance) Regulation in 1995 and has subsequently revised it by framing an up to date Courier Imports and Exports (Clearance) Regulations in 1998. Private companies have been registered as authorised couriers in the International Airports at Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Calcutta, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Jaipur by the Customs Commissioner of the respective places…All types of goods can be sent through the courier mode into India and out of India except few articles…


  16. ansari says

    Dear Sir,
    I have IEC from 2001 but i didnot use, now i want to modifiy company name and director name pan card nmber.
    please advice me can i do this by online what document needed?


  17. Deepak Patil says

    Dear Sir,

    We don’t have a IFC code, in this situation we are going to importing material on urgent basis. Value of good is 800 euro & this material importing from Spain, can you advice to me, without IFC code , how can we import this material. Please help, its very urgent.

    • AVR International cargo says


  18. NG says

    Is it necessary to file any return with DGFT OR any Export promotion council like ESC in case of export of services?

  19. Sankalp srivastava says

    Hi..sir.. I want to exprot ledies garments at fiji island. I m a small trader and most of my consignment will be less then 25000/- and i read somewere that if we export goods that is worth less then 25000/- we do not need to ragister of apply for the export code is it true?

  20. pradhuman says

    I want to start export business do i need to register with SSI/ also register with VAT department .when appling for IECthere is is point they need current account for opening a current account for the propriter firm bank need authorised letter or a proof may be above is it true if so how can i do . please help.

  21. Saravanan says

    We have all documents for iec. can i get application format for partnership firm of 4 partners

  22. Kapil S Patil says

    Sir , Pls clear my confusion
    Actully i would like start Import Export on very small basis from home
    1 . Whether i have to register as a company before applying for IE Code…….?
    2. Whether my personal bank account is enough for applying for IE Code or i have to open Bank A/c on Company
    name before applying for IE Code…….?
    3. If in future i am doing export and i recieve a payment fron foreign party , can i get a cheque on my personal name
    if i have a personal bank account……?
    Thanks A lot in advance
    Kapil S Patil

    • AVR International cargo says

      1. YES

  23. ATUL ROY says

    for filing online for iec do we have to sign all pages of documents like moa , aoa etc, what should be the content of the board resolution

  24. mahesh mangukiya says

    tell me entire process to start export of agricultural product i have only goal,no knowledge of how ,where, when,to export

  25. Sathyajith says

    HI, first thanks for your information. Im going to start export buisness, do i need the seperate address for company or i i can use my house address. i really need to know this ,pls reply back

  26. BJ says


    Just like to know, as an individual if I want to import one PDA as sample amounting to approx $1600 do I need IEC code?? Pls. Advice best way to import as this will be for one time only.


  27. divyash says

    i want to export medicine in other country .so what is the procedure.can u guide me ?

  28. Ravi says

    At the time of application of IEC we have account with Indian Bank, Now we have opened a new account with HDFC Bank – can anyone tell me that for adding this new account require to modify in IEC or not

  29. saurabh says

    sir , sir i have firm in that i have tin nno vat registration etc whold i will get iec
    i am manufacture i will import very low qauality good there is need of sampaling

  30. Shrikant says

    we are running service providing firm we need iec for importing some equipments so which category we should mention in application merchant or any other ?


  31. Varghese says

    Can a foreign company who has a PAN card apply for an IEC code? The foreign company does not have any presence in India currently, but holds a PAN card and is paying taxes for the income earned in India. But the foreign company does not have any local address in India

  32. Vijay says

    I have applied for IEC through online application. can any one please let me know whether I need to submit the hard copy of the application to the regional DGFT office or it is not required. If it is not required then how will I get my IE code.

  33. vickey says

    how many days required to start import and export company in india for freshers?.. please give guideliness to me….

  34. Ahmed Afzal says

    I don’t have a registered office. I am intending to export some cotton from my place. And I am supposed to apply for IEC code. Is there any chances that my application would be rejected because I don’t have a registered office for my business ?

  35. says

    I run a Proprietorship design Agency into Graphics like Posters, banners, Layouts, Books cover page, Photo-editing.
    I intend to expand my business & deal in promotional gift items for export. I already have my Current Account.
    Please advise can i apply for IEC code with the same firm’s name.

  36. Karan Kapoor says

    There is something called Type of Exporter :

    i. Merchant Exporter
    ii. Manufacturer Exporter
    iii. Service Provider
    iv. Others (please specify)
    v. Merchant cum Manufacturer

    Can you please help understand what is applicable in what situation? What if something wants to import / export as a trader. What option should be selected?

  37. Samuel says

    Dear Sir,
    How much current accounts can be pledged for an IE Code. Are there any formalities from DGFT office for adding a new bank current account? We seek your assistance in this matter.

  38. H Jenkins hubert says

    I am Jenkins Hubert from Nagercoil, Tamilnadu, India.
    I am not a business man. For my personal purpose I would like to purchase some electronics goods (less than 20,000 INR) from aliexpress (online trading). Now I have one doubt.
    Can I purchase these goods with out IEC number?
    If it is possible what is its limitation amount (Indian rupees)
    please give your valuable suggestions.
    thank you.
    Jenkins hubert

    • says

      Generally, such shipments (with value up to 100,000) can be cleared against a courier bill of landing (E.g. Bluedart, Aramex, DHL etc.) and you will not require your own import export code. You should however clarify with the sender who will have to pay the duty.

  39. Rohan says

    Dear Mr. De Rosi,

    I have an e-commerce store through which I plan to export small items like salwars, shawls etc (total order size <10,000 rupees) abroad. These will be sent by courier on to each individual customer. Do I need an IEC number for this?

    Many Thanks.

  40. Prakash Chandra Garg says

    Dear sir,
    My self prakash chandra garg. i have a propitership firm .now i want to purchase material from out side of india & consignment reached to me through DHL Courier service. I can take IEC no. for this .whats the procedure get IEC no. & which document required for this. this is necessary for take it. i am confused please help me sir.

    Thanks & Regards

    Prakash Garg

      • Rangit p pandey says

        Hi dear andreas
        I want to start business of drug and medicine export to nigeria
        I hv never been in any business so u can guess that I m absolutely nil and blank about how to start

        Kindly guide me for:-
        1- what clearences,and licences are required for business of drug/ medicine export to other countries
        2- is it so that only a drug manufacturing company can export drugs out of india and a trader can not??

  41. Vijay says

    Dear All,

    Can any one let me know whether we can import the recycled LDPE granules from China or the recycled products are banned. pls suggest its very urgent.

      • Indian says


        Ok We know now its very import to Have IEC Code.
        But after getting it again shippment is seized by customs and they want us to show the IEC Code they we have to submit it.
        Why all this headach? lot of paperwork? why they are not sync IEC code If a Person is having IEC code the shippment should not be detain it should be sceen at their system at the time of scanning.

        but all this not happening After getting IEC code also custom is harasing us again by asking IEC code each and every time and we have to send mail to them throw DHL or direct again

  42. says

    Dear Sir

    We are into the import of medical equipment , not covered under the indian standard weights and measures. These are huge medical equipment. But our CHA always insists us to give a DGFT declaration as follows…

    ……We hereby declare in respect of products imported by us which are subject to the provisions of standard of weights and Measures (Packaged Commodities) Rules 1977,When sold in the domestic market will carry the required declarations and labels as stipulated in the said rules. The items Imported is for manufacturing purpose and not intended for sale as it is. Hence, not covered by DGFT Notification 44/2000, dated-24.11.2000 …………

    But what we import are finished product ready to be sold to hospital and hence the last before line …( the items imported is for manufacturing purpose…) is a wrong declaration. Everytime we have a fight..infact this is the tenth CHA we are operating with and every one insist on something similar…

    can you suggest us what do we do.

  43. S. Dhar says

    We are a pvt ltd company in the business of Engineering Consultancy. We are also agent/representative of a technical services providing company of Europe. Now, for servicing a client in India, the European company have to import some tools and tackles into India on returnable basis. Can this import be done against our IEC number? We operate on the basis of a MOU and do not have any contract with the European Company or their Clients in India. There are also no financial transactions with us against this import. Will our company be exposed to any risk or FEMA violation if the transaction is done under our IEC? Do we need to keep RBI or any other authority informed about this transaction?

    • says

      You may have to apply for a CARNET:

      ATA Carnet is an International Uniform Customs document issued in 72 countries including India, which are parties to the Customs Convention on ATA Carnet. The ATA Carnet permits duty free temporary admission of goods into a member country without the need to raise customs bond, payment of duty and fulfillment of other customs formalities in one or a number of foreign countries. The initials “ATA” are an acronym of the French and English word “Admission Temporaire / Temporary Admission”.

  44. Laningiri Neelagiri says

    Sir, Can you please let me know …How to find out the PAN Issuing Authority?

  45. MRUNMAYI says

    hi am a student and currently working on a project related to IEC… i had certain doubt that what if two of the directors of the company are foreigners , then in that case are there any privileges applicable ???
    kingly revert back

    • says

      It does not matter if both directors are foreigners, as long as one of them is residing in India. If both directors are not in India, then they need to appoint a local director.

  46. says

    Dear Andreas,

    We have recently started online business of handicrafts and are targeting international market besides domestic customers. Now we need to know 1) the registrations, licenses required to ensure smooth export of our products and clearances. 2) Our company is a proprietary establishment and we generally use owner’s PAN. In this regard we also want to know if this can be used for export purposes, filing of returns etc. or is company PAN must.
    3) Is there any website or other source of information for the payable amount on various categories of goods for exports.

    Thank you very much for your time and guidance.

    Warm Regards

    Murtaza Jeelani
    CEO – Craft Bazaar

  47. ankit jain says

    What is the difference between iec and import license??

    Is import license required in import of paper item??

    • says

      Import Export Code is required for all kind of products, including pager items.

      For some products you need an “Import Permit” which can be restricted to a specific quota, special approvals, certifications etc. This varies very much from product to product. After certain products you may also need a distribution licence, bonded warehouse licence etc.

  48. phurbu says

    Dear Andreas,

    I want to import for resale printed books which are tax free in India. Do need to have IEC or import license? Please help me!


      • phurbu says

        Dear Andreas,

        Thanks a lot for your valuable insights! Can you please further clarify whether for importing printed books (tax free) only IEC is required? Do I need to obtain Import License on top of IEC?


      • Indian says

        Hi, Sir,

        After getting IEC CODE how can we use this code?
        Do we have to tell our seller to mention on the parcel? so custom will not detain it thinking that we dont own a IEC code.

        How Custom will aware that this parcel owner is having IEC CODE and it should be clear without any issue if they dont detect any bad stuff inside the parcel.

        Usually we want to import stuff from or other USA sites to resale in India.

        Thank you in Advance.

        • Akmal india says

          Dear sir,
          once your shipment reach at air port for customs clearance the clearance officer request you to submit the IEC certificate along with KYC documents and a Authorization letter to your clearance agent or shipping agent for customs clearance .

  49. Piyush srivastava says

    sr which type of import n exprt can be done by this buisness .actually hw can we strt

  50. mahak A says

    Thank you for the valuable information.
    Is there ever a need to show draft agreements to Custom Authorities of India? and if so, what are the risks involved?

  51. says


    IF a person is just a commission agent based in INdia and puts a buyer from a foreign country in tough with a seller from a foreign country and is just earning a commission. Will he need to have a IEC code? Please do clarify!

  52. rajesh kumar says

    i want to apply IEC, but confuse what to fill in column type of exporter.
    basically we want purchase (Import)goods from china and sale it to indian hole sale customers.
    how many options are there to fill it.
    can a merchant exporter also import goods?

      • R. Menon says

        We are planning to apply for an Import licence please send us your contact details.
        Like. email Id & phone numbers

  53. Ajay says

    Dear Sir,

    I want to start tyre pyrolysis industry in A.P. for this i need to import used tyres ( for quality reason) from other countries. can you please suggest me what are required documents to import tyres from different countries. and tell me about the taxes i need to pay for this import.

  54. OHEN NICHOLAS says

    I am in need of a consignor on computer and telecommunication. Please do attend to urgently. Thanks
    Ohen Nicholas

  55. Radhika says

    I am an NRI and wish to apply for IEC for exporting paintings from india to other countries.
    please help me with the following

    1. Which account can I use with ICICI bank , NRE or NRO
    2. What is the format of the bank certificate
    3. I do not need to repatriation benefits , do i still need approval from RBI , if yes who do I contact for that and what is the procedure.
    4.Once I get the IEC what is the next step before I can start my export, my product for export are paintings by emerging Indian artists , all made in India.
    5. Can I apply in my individual name or I have to create a company , what is the benefit for that ?

  56. Rajeev Malhotra says

    I have applied for IEC code online & deposited the documents later. How can I check if everything is complete ?. Secondly i just want to import so i have mentioned in form Exporter- None is it OK.

  57. Prem says

    Hello Andreas,

    Glad to have found this thread. Very generous of you to take time to answer so many queries!

    My question is similar to the one Arindam Biswas posted, but instead of software development, as a sole proprietor, I would like to sell Domain Names thru websites like auctions. A domain name is not being imported or exported, it is not goods nor is it a service or a software ( is it?!!).

    I would appreciate your input for 2 questions, one regarding Import Export Code (IEC) and another regarding purpose code to be used at Paypal.

    1) Does a sole proprietor need IEC in India for selling Domain names ( with no website/software along with it, just the domain name)? For most domains. earnings will typically range between $100 to $1,000 per domain. If IEC is required, does requiring IEC depend on the amount of earnings ( per domain or aggregate per year ), though I don’t expect my gross revenue as sole proprietor to cross INR 5 lakhs per year?

    2) Another issue is the purpose code. Purpose code is required even if IEC is not. I will receive the earnings sent by sedo/afternic/godaddy via PayPal, which requires a purpose code. Having gone thru Annexure 3.1 New Purpose Codes for Reporting Forex Transactions-Receipt Purposes at (goes to a long link at, I don’t see any purpose code appropriate for buying/selling domain names. Any idea which purpose code will be best one for this case?


    • says


      To 1: Import Export Code in your case would not be required
      To 2: in PayPal you could select just “other services” if you can’t find any matching purpose code.

  58. Nishant Desai says

    Dear Mr. De Rosi,

    Your work is commendable, your advice here is helpful to many like me. We are commission agent based in India, as commission agent our product never lands on Indian shores, and are exported from a foreign land to a foreign land, from your earlier answers to similar questions, I understand that the IEC is not required in such case, however in our case, we in our first dealing of such kind wish to become seller therefore the LC would be opened on our name, and we shall forward LC in the original seller’s name. The goods will never land on Indian shores. Upon our inquiry with Bank, and from our understanding we wish to have an “exchange earners foreign currency (eefc) account” with the bank to loose money in the volatile Forex market, now the basic requirement is to have an IEC on us before approaching the bank to open such account. My question to you, are we going in the right direction? Please advice. :)

    Thank you in advance.

    Kind regards,
    Nishant Desai

    • says

      Hi, IEC seems to be mandatory for an EEFC account. So your banker should be right. However if find it quite complicated to do back to back LC’s, especially when both seller and buyer are in different countries. Wouldn’t it be easier to juts enter into an agency agreement with the seller and take a commission on sales?

  59. Raj says

    Dear Mr. Andreas,

    I have planed to sell my paintings and products to foreign countries through online.
    I would like to apply IE code through online. for that i did not find any declaration format for Proprietorship business.

    Can you please provide the format of declaration for Proprietorship business.


  60. laltu sarkar says

    I need IEC code, but I dont want start my bussiness yet now, dose it needs any charges in yearly, for the IEC

    • asha says

      Dear laltu sarkar,

      see once you get IEC code, then if you are exporting are not no other charges will not applicable.


  61. sahil says

    Can I get ic code if I don’t have account in bank and don’t have any company regestered…? Pls let me know..

      • preeti meshram says

        Dear Andreas,
        Please advise me about the account used for export.Is there any requirement of current account of the company or is it possible in saving account?
        Also I heard for export we need to show transaction of more than 1 lakh.
        Please solve my querry

        • Akmal india says

          Dear sir,
          in normal Bank account should be current account.
          Savings A/c allowed only for trust, strictly for personal use and not for business purpose by the trust.

  62. martin alex says

    hi sir, i am an single person i want to import and export small quantity like 100 pices mobile phones from china.. whether i need a iec code.. already i have pancard.. please clear my doubts and help me..
    Martin Alex

  63. Daniel says

    I am daniel
    For my personal purpose I would like to purchase some pocket weighing scale 20pcs from china (15000 INR)
    Can I purchase these goods with out IEC number? & what is the import duty rate in india

    • Akmal india says

      Dear sir,
      with out IEC you can import the same goods maximum of 10 pic as sample.

  64. Mandar Govekar says

    I want to import 5d cinema setup from china costing 13600 usd. Do i require to CST or Vat certificate? As i applied for IEC code & got deficiency letter from dgft says that i have to submit commercial tax certificate. I just want to import the same & nothing else. Already submitted required documents, now they are asking for cst, why so?

  65. nikunj says

    Hi..i had purchased oné laptop n mobile from USA on but my laptop was detained by custom dept and mobile came esaly to my home as per i must give panlty for laptop bcz i hv no IEC..and gave…but now i want to get IEC .so can i get IEC for personál export like mobile n laptop..i hv bank account n also PAN card..i m a engineer . I want to star small business of electronic item which i want to export n import from USA..plz give mě right way so i can start my business…thank u so much..

  66. Asit Jain says

    Dear Sir,

    Can we import fruit juice samples to India via courier like DHL without having an IEC Code and addressed to an Individual not a company ? Whether there will be any custom hassles associated ? Will really appreciate your guidance on this matter ?


    • Asha says

      Hai Asit,

      yes you can buy the samples from out of india . but value should be in inr.25,000/- not more than that.

      in case more value added then you must have IEC.

      MOb: 97393 49463

  67. Jagadish says

    Hi, I am building a resort in Bangalore rural area, I want to buy some items from out side India. I am applying for IEC code. What is duty i have to pay will i am importing or there is some exemption in duty. Is there any office where I should approach before I start importing.
    Any feed back is welcomed.

    Thank you

    • Asha says

      Hai Jagadish,

      while importing are exporting out of india you must have the IEC code.
      So we are there to help you. so please contact us.

      Mob; 97393 49463

  68. awadhesh says

    Sir , Pls clear my confusion
    Actully i would like start Import Export on very small basis from home
    1 . Whether i have to register as a company before applying for IE Code…….?
    2. Whether my personal bank account is enough for applying for IE Code or i have to open Bank A/c on Company
    name before applying for IE Code…….?
    3. is it possible to obtain IE code from any wear in india either COMPANY is in other place…
    4. If in future i am doing export and i recieve a payment fron foreign party , can i get a cheque on my personal name
    if i have a personal bank account……?
    Thanks A lot in advance

    • Asha says


      with out company you can do export and import. but you must have the IEC code with current account.


  69. Harish says

    I am a small garment manufacturer. I wish to import a single high speed button hole machine. costing around rs 60,000.
    Do i need a IE Code. Also if i import the machine and it lands, what is the next step to be followed

    • Asha says

      Hai Harish,

      Are you from where? yes for importing you must have IEC code.
      after that while importing pay the custom duty and get the materiel.

      Mob: 97393 49463

      • Indian says

        Hi, Sir,
        After getting IEC CODE how can we use this code?

        Does the custom will know automatically that we have a IEC Code if yes how they will know it?
        They charge penalty still 25% for not having IEC code until we apporch to them by leaving all our daily works

        This is totally disappointing they must update the system each time why seizing our parcels even when we have IEC CODE and putting penalties.
        Thank you in Advance.

  70. Manisha says

    Hi Sir,
    We are in Software Business Like Web Designer, and we are in partnership, One Partner in India And another is in Italy Our firm Register in India & Italy also. We want our software sale in Italy but Invoice made from India.
    Please suggest me for procedure of taxation, We Don’t have IEC Code & Service Tax Registration. Please suggest what we do need.

    Please Reply

      • Deepti Singh says

        I want to start a home based business of imported clothes from China. My orders won’t be more than 50-100 dollars at one time but they might be frequent. I want to apply for IEC online but they require a corporate account which i don’t have. Do i need to register any company or i can do it manually by sending a DD.


      • says

        Dear Sir,

        I was attend the export business class. I am very interest to start the business,but i went to bank to open the current account, the bank staff said first you need to register with SSI after that you come and get the current account. once you open the account then you can get IECode. i have PAN card, company rubber stamp and letter head.
        please explain sir, i am really confused.

        Thanks & Regards,

  71. Dinesh says

    Sir , I wants to start up the export business. I registered my company by SSI(Small Scale Industry) in MSME. To obtain the IEC(Import Export Code) code we should have current account. I have only SSI registration with me is that enough to open the current account? please somebody help me…

    • says

      Dear Dinesh Sir,
      How did you get SSI license. How much you spend, can you explain me because i want to get i do not know, once you receive the SSI, you can open for Current account.

  72. Sam says

    Dear SIr 8 days before I got my IEC I am intrested in importing electronic goods like tablets Biomatric devices Electroic Spears from china I am .
    I have already negociated with the supplier . In first sample invoice for 15 Units of Biomatric devices will be arround 200,000. Need to import my courier . I don’t know what to do next ?

    • Sam says

      Another way of thinking is .. I can affored to go to china .. buy the items there And come back along with the items ?
      What do u think which option is easier or more offertable for me . ?

  73. Jaswinder Singh says

    Hi there,

    I want to get an IEC and have few queries –

    1. Do I need to have Registered Firm or can I get it on my name only? As I saw application form ANF2A and it states it is for firm or company.
    2. Is savings bank account enough?

    Need your help,

  74. ashutosh says

    if their is proprietor firm and the proprietor of the firm is H.U.F then which category have to select whether karta or proprietor.

  75. Prakash Jha says

    Hello sir

    Sir , i want to sent to setup a export based pharmaceutical company , but i cannot afford to setup a manufacturing unit now . for time being i going to get my medicines made in another pharmacy and ship out side .. So sir can please let me know what are the prerequisites for that ??

    • ankit khaneja says

      hi dear , hv u started urs business of medicine export. if yes thn plz reply me via mail or call me reply

  76. Arjun Agarwal says

    Hi There!

    I’ve applied for IEC online and have submitted all the mandatory documents as listed in the handbook of procedures.
    But they (O/o The JDGFT) keep sending me this deficiency letter stating that Landline Telephone # is mandatory along with a proof. The problem is I don’t have a landline. Please suggest what to do ? Or is their any other way ? Can I give my neighbor landline # ?
    I just don’t see the point in having a landline connection. Should I file RTI against this department ?

    Thanks in advance,
    Arjun Agarwal
    Plaza Chemical Industries

  77. Navika says

    Respected Sir,

    We are going to provide customer care service & other business auxiliary services to our client in Italy using internet, do we have to get IEC code? also in case if we have IEC code do we have to file any returns with DGFT or regional authority even if we are not taking any benefits?

  78. says

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to know that.. Should i get export license or DGFT IEC Code for exporting wheat flour products..? Hope to get a response asap!

    Sarthak Dhemla

  79. Dinesh says

    Sir i am new to this Export and Import business. I got IEC code recently i have doubt about payment process once the item been exported from the country.

  80. says

    Hi, I own a proprietor firm and also I am an NRI and want to apply for an IEC code.

    On the DGFT website it states “. If an applicant is Non resident Indian (NRI) and there is non-resident interest in the firm/company and non-resident investment with repatriation benefits in the firm it is mandatory to submit the scanned copy of RBI approval letter”

    So do I need a RBI approval letter as I dont have any non resident interest in the firm.

    Please Help!!!!!

  81. Anurag says

    Dear Sir,
    I am in a business of recruitment ( white collar professionals) in india, do i require an IEC code for sending professionals outside india.
    Kindly advise
    Best Regards

  82. Jive says

    need some info on provindig services to a Foriegn client .
    my client (UAE) needs some electronics products and I have good supplier in China , im getting the billing done on my company name ( receiving funds from UAE Client on my current A/c and then remitting the portion to my Chinese supplier thru’ my A/c) , im not carrying any physical import/export in India , so do I need a IEC for such trading ?

  83. chintan says

    I am trying to file IEC application online.
    I have uploaded all documents and filled all details.
    When I click on submit, a new popup appears in browser with the whole application form. However, I am unable to click on submit at the end of that form.

    Any idea why that might be happening?
    Thanks. :)

    • Yash says


      I am facing the same situation when I try to submit my form. Did you find a solution to it? How’d you proceed?

  84. Chandra says

    we are planning to apply IE code for our Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) on online, so can you please provide the list of the mandatory documents to be submit..

    And do we need to sent any envelop covers with postal Stamps for IEC delivery to given address..

  85. anwer says

    What are the steps to be taken to get import export license for a proprietor concern? How long will it take to get the license? Is it that IE code different from license? If so can we import using IE code?

  86. SUPRIYA SINGH says

    i want to know that from where i can get the list of those companies who recently applied for IEC in Mumbai and list of newly incorporated companies of mumbai?

  87. Ranjith says

    Dear sir,

    I am ranjith I am going to apply ie code for importing a product from china that glass stones used in imitation jewellery. My bank account is in coimbatore tamil nadu but my permanent residence address is in bangalore as per bank document. Now I am importing to coimbatore only is there is any issue in the address.

    My dgft zone adress is in coimbatore only. Do I need to change the adress in my bank certificate.

    Expecting your kind help in this regards

  88. Dharma Roy says

    Dear Sir,
    I want to start an import export business….. In this case I want know that if I want to be an IMPORT EXPORT AGENT so I need any IEC? I have not any FIRM….. Can I apply for my IEC in individual?

  89. Thyagaraj says

    We are an indian agent for some marine equipments from abroad. now our customers are asking us to supply in indian rupees. Our principals are willng. We had an IEC code10 years ago.How can I go about it now?

  90. Noor says

    Dear sir/madam
    I am planning to start an e-commerce business through online and also planning to charge my currency through pay pal. and send my goods through courier provider. would you say whether IEC is applicable for me or not ? and will I have to resister myself as a company or have to continue as a individual .


  91. abhinav sindhu says

    As i am a student….. & i want to import some gadgets like phone. So i can also get IEC certificate from dgft
    Plz infrom

  92. Aayush says

    I wanted to import gems from Burma and help my mother sell it to her customers. However,my mother’s company isn’t registered yet.
    I wanted to know can individual/unregistered company attain a IE license.

  93. Sujith says

    Hi Andreas,

    I am planning to buy few machineries from China its costing around 3.5 lakhs. Currently I dont have a firm address. Please let me know if an Individual can Import machines from China? or Individual can get IEC for importing machines from China?

    Sujith S.L.

  94. says

    Dear Andreas De Rosi sir,

    What i need to start the business first i have to open the current account or how can i get the SSI. i have ready pan card, company rubber stamp and letter head. Please explain sir,

  95. Krishnamurthy says


    I wanted apply for IEC code, For this on DD which favour I should take please inform.



  96. Arun says

    Hello Sir,

    I’m in progress of registering a firm as a sole proprietor, then based on that i’m planning to apply for IE Code.
    Just to name the firm I just want to check whether the choose name is already been register with DGFT. Is there any way to check it ?


    • AVR International cargo says


  97. Sarvan says

    Whether land line is mandatory for applying IEC code? No land Line service available in our Industry area, pls advice. & For bank account details, we don’t have Current Account for our company, we maintain Cash Credit account,shall we show our CC account details or we should get a Current Account for applying IEC code.

    • AVR International cargo says


  98. Ravi says

    We wants to update our address of our IE Code registration. From 5 years we have not done any import or export. Now we wants to import some goods from EU. Please help me, what is the procedure for updating our present address



  99. Suruchi Shah says


    Congratulations on the good work. This thread was very useful.

    I have some queries regarding the IEC code.

    1. I am importing children accessories and have called for 30-40 orders of Rs. 10,000 each for sampling on my personal name. I am in the process of setting up a partnership firm and will apply for an IEC code once the PAN and Bank accounts are in place but that will take about a month.
    I am expecting the orders to arrive in the next 10 days. In the meanwhile, can I apply for an IEC code on my personal name using my personal PAN and bank account details to avoid any problems/penalty at customs.
    Your advise on this matter would be appreciated.

    • AVR International cargo says


  100. Arun says

    Sir,I want to purchase computer spare parts and blank DVD through from abroad all below 5000Rs, For my personal use .How to to get Export License.Please advice me .I did not have any firm or shop.

    • Hussain says

      Dear , You dont need to have import export licence when you buy things form ebay or amazon.
      They will send it to you as they have that with them as they are huge exporters.

      Only time you need this when you purchase stuff direct from factory and shipped it to india for resale on a huge quantity.

      Buy it from amazon or ebay without any issues.

      But you will have to pay shipping and plus customer if applicable.

  101. says

    Dear Sir/Madam!
    We are going to Export to South Korea by end of this month. we doesn’t have IEC. Is possible export with and IEC registered under Manufactures of shoe upper and allied products . we are going to export Cashew Husk which doesn’t come under shoe industry. This product is going to be used by our buyers is for Animal Feed purpose. kindly advise…

    Mohammed Usman

    • AVR International cargo says


  102. Suchitra says

    Thanks every body to make the thread so informative and special thanks to Mr. Andreas De Rosi for his constant support to make this thread live. As usual I found net knowledge can not solve the practical problems fully though it helps lot.
    I am a house wife and planned to start export business on handicrafts. Going through all nets I tried to get IEC and went to DGFT office of Kolkata. I got a printed form their and found that TRADE License is a must which I will have to take from local municipality. To get a trade license one need a commercial place where she will start her business. In the application form of IEC what is shown in DGFT website, nowhere it is mentioned that trade licence is required. I have gone through different tropics on ‘how to start your export business’ in net, but no where I found that trade license is required. Any way, can any one clear it? Moreover, if really trade license is required, what will be nature of business? Please guide me.
    With regards

    • prabhu says

      Dear sister,
      i got IEC few months back in chennai and no one asked trade license from local municipality..also u don’t required any commercial place to apply for IEC u can use your residential address but you should have ur own address proof on same address if u are an applicant…
      Steps to be followed to obtain IEC..

      1) Register your firm as SSI, this can be done online or District industrial centre..instantly u will get acknowledgement so u can get hard copy of that..
      2) apply for PAN card on firm name if partnership firm….if proprietorship firm ur own PAN is enough…
      2) open current account…
      3) get bankers letter from ur bank to get should be on ur bank letter head…
      4) Get DD for Rs.250/-
      5) Download ANF2A and fill carefully without making any mistake…(it is very easy to fill as instruction is given on last page of application)
      6) prepare all the documents and put to tag file…

      7) Cross check all doc again..and submit….
      u will get IEC with in 10 or 15 days…all the best..

      If u have any doubt regarding this feel free to contact on


  103. Gurvant Singh says

    I want to start import/export business as prop. firm. Can I have to register my firm first for getting IEC and what docs are needed for getting IEC. I am new to this business so please let me know docs according to my new firm.

  104. Bharat Jadhav says

    Hi ,

    I have a fish aquarium bussiness and i am actually looking to import some marine aquarium fish from abroad …..if u can plz me with what all licence is required and how can i get the same .

    Regards ,

    Bharat Jadhav

  105. Karthik says

    I am in verge of exporting agri products, so i am in process of applying IE code, i am haivng a current account and pan in my name but can apply a IE code in firm name in propertorship form where i dont have any proof for the frim other than the name


  106. Pratik says

    IS VAT REGISTRATION NECESSARY at the time of custom clearance on the container in state of maharashtr ?

  107. says

    Private Limited Firm
    Nature of Business :- Trading local and international.
    require IEC CODE ?
    Fees ?

    will we be appoint any agent for IEC CODE ?
    can go apply by own for the same ?

  108. Mohamed Meeran says

    I am going to commence a proprietor y concern. I want to apply for IEC. I have PAN card but I have missed the covering letter issued by IT department at the time of issuing PAN card. Is xerox copy of IT return enough to get IEC.
    Thanking you.
    A. Mohamed Meeran.

  109. says

    I am holding IEC Code but have not used it for few years.
    Please let me know if I have to validate it or not. If yes the procedure.

    Thanks and regards,

    Munir Saiyed

  110. says

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I already applied for IEC code online last week 9 Joint director of forging Trade import export Varanasi ), now do i need to send any document via post to Joint director of forging Trade import export Varanasi , do i need to send envelop if yes what is size of envelop with postal ticket or DD and do i need to send all doc ( Bank certificate original or photo copy )
    please advice , after online apply what is next step

  111. varun says

    dear sir/madam,
    i want to import some dental material from china, whose cost would be around 20,000, which i will be selling further.
    i will be receiving the goods through dhl. i wanted to know:

    1. do i have to have an importer exporter code

    2.when i sell this further, the vat will be collected against the bills. so do i have to show my purchasing of these goods to the concerned authorities, when i file my returns

    thank you

  112. bhagchandani says

    I wish to start Medical check up of seafarers on board the vessel and send their blood and urine collection samples to UK and USA for processing of Drug and alcohol test.
    Hw do i seek IEC No at the earliest online. or are there any agent who cd help me with same. at nominal extra fees

  113. vijay says

    Hi Andreas De Rosi,

    I am planning to import a puppy from abroad. i am dog lover i want to have best breed with them as our indian govt tightened rules for animal import. i want to apply for DGFT license to import puppy for my personal consumption. Can i apply DGFT license?

  114. Jaydeep K Sheth says

    I have started very small export business. Basically I deal with south africa country, and I am supplying hair accessories material etc. I have not registered Neither my firm nor take any licence. I just send this goods. And my relatives from africa they collect the Money and transfer it to me.
    So in that case Do i need any kind of licence to be taken. Give me guidance.
    Thanks in Advance.

  115. VijayAmirtharaj says

    I recently started a Export / Import company in chennai as Merchant Exporter and I have IEC code and FIEO membership for all products including medical devices & equipment, now I got an enquiry from foreign country they have requirement of Medical & Surgical disposables, but when I approached a manufacturer of medical device and equipment company for getting the samples and price list for the same, but he was asking me to submit the copy of Durg License, but I do not have the drug license, I just want to know with this FIEO (Federation Import Export Organisation membership for all products including medical devices) will I be able to do export of medical devices or I must get the drug licenses for the same? if it so, what is the use of FIEO membership.

    since I started my Export business at my primes which has little space, but when I checked for drug license documents requirements they mentioned that I should have minimum 110 sqft. space?

    Please let me know the exact details. If I can able to do export of medical devices through FIEO membership certificate??

    Vijay, Chennai, India.

  116. Vipin Pious says

    Dear sir or Madam,

    Please advice me, whether a separate Export and Import License is required if we already have the IEC No.


  117. mohd fahad says

    sir i am beginner in this business so i confused that if i”lll get the iec so my company will be registered for export or not or other process also remaining plz reply me….

  118. arshad says

    Hi sir i am form hyderabad i want make a import export licence for live ornamental fish can u give me some tips how can i make & from where

  119. manish narang says

    Dear Sir,

    pls Tell me Iam Having Import License I Also Want Export License Now tell Me process To Add Export On This License

    • Akmal india says

      Dear sir,

      IEC Stands for IMPORTER EXPORTER CODE, and IEC certificate is used for both import and export.

  120. mohd mahtab says

    Hi sir, I have pan card and current bank account and voter I’d card adhar card, can I apply IEC PLEASE suggest me

  121. mohd mahtab says

    And I don’t have any registered company, I want apply of my name please help me

  122. Mihir Panchal says

    Dear Sir,
    When I try to apply online on DGFT for IEC, I found the error massage: Application Blocked by Security Setting. [your security settings have blocked an untrusted application from running. How could I resolve this problem? Please someone Help me.

  123. says

    Dear Sir,

    Can you explain to me am registered my trade mark under class 35 DELMOND 666 in INDIA one of my competitor using DIAMOND 666 and he exporting from Mumbai port, Shall i stop his export from India to United Arab emirates he copied my product please advice.

  124. Gargi Sarkar says

    Dear Sir,
    I want to be an export agent. I am applying for the IEC code. After IEC code I plan to be a merchant exporter, thus I am not the manufacturer. What I wanted to know that do I need to register for sales tax. I am from Thane (Maharashtra). Thanking you for all your guidance.

  125. Kiran Kataria says

    Dear Sir,

    I have started my IT Company which is developed an Anti-Virus for a foreign company and the Company has asked me to sale the their product on behalf of them in India. they will Invoice me for those many products which I sold here in India in their Currency. I have to Sale those products in India in Indian Currency. I will have to make payments to them in Foreign Currency. Do I have to obtain IEC for this purpose.


  126. Vinay says

    Dear Sir,

    For IE Code, Needed any ROC registration certificate for Joint venture.


  127. Asgar says

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Thank you all for sharing relevant information regarding Import/Export. Actually i have a query regarding exporting manufactured material and machine tools to UAE.

    Well i got the point it is mandatory to take IEC No. but my query is about forming a company as proprietorship is necessary or not as since 2012 i have individual Current Account on my name.

    1. Will i need to form a company and apply?
    2. Is it possible to apply for IEC no. with my own name as i am having individual current account?

    Awaiting for your valuable guidance.

    Thank you,


  128. Manzar Alam says

    i am Manzar and marketing professional currently working with top Indian MNC as regional manager,and want to start import export business while i would like to continue my job till i get my import export business establishes ,i got through some details from Google search but i need some complete and comprise understanding for this i may be refer some consulting agents kindly do the support and let have professional support in Mumbai.
    Manzar Alam

  129. shrisha says

    Dear sir/madam,

    I have got an IE code to start an export business on 2014 jan …i have completed one order of garments FABRIC products on march 2014( from INDIA to Jordan)..the export value is RS.102000…kindly let me know

    1) is there any taxes applicable for that..? but still i did not apply for TIN number so how to pay tax for the same..some one is saying that without tin number we should not make invoice and its illegal..

    2)if taxes applicable whether i should pay quarterly or yearly..

    now i have got other coconuts and handicrafts orders..

    so i got confused whether to continue or what to do now…

    3) pls provide me solution for this and can i proceed those orders without TIN number if so is there any limit (turn over)..

    4) in case taxes are applicable why dont i apply for TIN number and pay tax after execution of those orders ( before march 2015).. ?

    This is proprietorship firm..

    kindly help me

    Thanks in advance..

  130. Ashish says

    Anybody wants to start a partnership firm of import export as a merchant then let me know about that on my email id..


  131. says

    hello sir,
    i am doing laptop service centre in Kerala, i need to purchase some electronic ics from china frequently ie; every month i purchase below 1lakh rs ics from china, so pls give the procedure about this purpose means req IEC or not. req IEC how to open a IEC. my firm is not registered i have pan card and saving account its possible to open IEC. pls give me the solution for that

  132. NILAY SHAH says









  133. narayan says

    Dear sir

    I want to get IEC and and do export/import of small products woth INR 50000, for that is it necessary to have registered firm
    or shall i do as individual ? i have personal PAN number,please clarify

  134. says

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I want to get IEC Code for my new Company which is a Proprietorship Firm.. And i,m based in West Bengal State. But the Bankers Certificate has to be addresses to the Regional DGFT or the New Delhi Address.

    The draft needs to be payable in Kolkata or New Delhi?

    Where have i to send the complete Application for with self addressed envelope with Rs. 30 stamp via courier to New Delhi or Kolkata Regional DGFT Office for their perusal.

    Can we send through DTDC or it has to be sent through Speed Post.

    AS i,m through with all documents> looking forward to small queries so that if any short comings i can do the needful.

  135. Vishal PATIL says


    I want to start import/export business based on Pharmaceutical product as a Trader (can get my medicines made in another pharmacy).

    I came to know from discussion, FOR IEC application,

    We need,

    01. SSI registered company
    02. Pan card on Company Name
    03. Current Account on Company Name in Bank
    04. Few form need to fill ( Download from DGFT website)

    Could you please let me know what are the prerequisites other than these for that.?

    like Drug License, Is it necessary ???

    Thanks a Lot..

    Vishal PATIL

  136. Divya Aggarwal says

    Hello Sir,
    I am purchase some women dresses from china. i have no registered company. Someone told me to apply IEC code for import china to delhi by air & also apply for sales tax no. Please Sir help me.

  137. Arjun says

    Sir I am an individual. I want to import fashion accessories, party supplies from China to India.. My order amount will be less than 15000 but quantity will bee around 300..
    so do I need Import license?
    can I get IEC?